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How do we make sure Flo is accurate?

280 million Flo users worldwide

Education is great, but accuracy and safety are a priority. 

To ensure Flo’s content is evidence-based, accurate, and user-centric, 120+ doctors and health experts are involved in the creation and review process.  UNFPA and EBCOG also collaborate with Flo to jointly develop educational content on a wide range of topics. 

Flo also partners with scientific research organizations, including Mayo Clinic, Northwestern University, the University of Virginia, Texas Christian University, and the University of Adelaide.

The seven-step review process


Content is prepared by Flo’s content team.


Opinions are sourced from industry specialists and professionals if needed.


Content is reviewed by Flo’s internal medical advisor.


Content is further reviewed by a member of Flo’s expert board.


Flo’s internal medical advisor adjusts the content per the expert’s suggestions.


Content is reviewed for compliance by Flo’s legal team.


Content is uploaded
to the Flo app.

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What about data security? 

Your patients' health data, their rights

Healthcare professionals can assure their patients that they have the ability to access, update, or delete their own data at any time by reaching out to our customer support team.

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Flo has become the first period & ovulation tracker to meet world-class security standards after achieving ISO 27001 certification. Read more.

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